Things to do: Ponta do Ouro

where the ocean is your playground. 

Ponta do Ouro ( in english meaning "tip of gold" ) is a town in the extreme south of Mozambique, lying on the Mozambique Channel south of Maputo and just north of the border with South Africa. It is known for its beach, for its dolphins and for its offshore diving and deep-sea fishing. These are just a few activities, there is so much more! this is paradise. 

"For such a small village, Ponta has a lot to offer. It's funny how that works actually. Ponta do Ouro is not a place where you'll find luxury resorts, plenty of restaurants or any other form of luxury tourism. That's exactly why this place is so amazing. The town has put its trust in nature and that's all you need." says Mokum Surf Club

Fall in love and never leave

"Ponta do Ouro is one of those places where it's easy to extend. You definitely won't need much when enjoying Ponta life. Just some last words of advice. Because you can't leave Ponta without a night at Fernando's and an R&R or two (believe, you don't want more). Complete the Ponta experience with a burger or BBQ chicken at Lulu's burger shack next door at the market. Ask the locals, they'll know what i'm talking about! And at the end of the day, you'll probably put this perfect little village in your heart." - Makum Surf Club

Surf's up

 "When visiting Ponta do Ouro do take you surfboard with you. It might not be the most trustworthy and constant wave, but when it works, it works. With the right conditions you can get a 1km ride all the way from the point to the beach, while dolphins are swimming with you. Most likely you got those waves all to yourself, since its probably just you and a few locals in the lineup." 

Underwater wonderland

"When the surf isn't working there's a great big ocean to discover. Ponta is well known for its diving and the huge variety in sea life. There are more than 20 off shore coral reef dive sites with whales, dolphins, mantas, whale sharks, nemo's and turtles living their life in this gorgeous underwater world."


In town, you will find a lovely bakery that bakes fresh bread rolls and buns every day. just make sure you make it in time for they sell out so fast! due to being so delicious. they also sell many other baked goodies for your tasting.